How to Make Beef With Ratatouille

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First I make fresh tomato purée. Boil some Roma or truss tomatoes that you have scored at one end.

Peel off the skins once boiled


Dice onion and set aside

Finely chop garlic. You can crush it if you like but I like to pretend I'm a chef! Add to onion

Dice tomato

Dice zuchini

Dice eggplant

Usually I'd add capsicum, but I made it for my mum and she hates it, so I left it out :)

Pick nice small medallions of beef. I love to use veal, the flavor is much more delicate... But I had this beef and I think you'll agree that it looks pretty tasty!

So this is all the ingredients... The beef, onion and garlic, veggies and tomato purée

Brown onion

Add veggies and cook, stirring often, with enough tomato purée to make a nice constancy. Don't forget that the veggies will cook down a lot

Cook your beef to your liking

Make two stacks of your ratatouille

Place your beef on the ratatouille stacks


Watch the video: Creamy Beef and Mushroom


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