How to Make an iPhone Stylus

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Strip a wire. I used stranded but you can use any wire. We'll use this as a conductor of static energy.

cut out a bit of sponge.

wrap the sponge cutout with aluminum foil. form a hershey's kiss-like shape but its important that the bottom part is FLAT.

this is the bottom part of our stylus. it is imperative that it's flat. you can achieve this by scratching it against a flat surface, like a table.

stuff it in an empty chamber of a pen.

then wrap the wire that's sticking out around your pen. then wrap it in electrical tape, or any other tapes to secure it

i hope this guide helps! it's my first one so i'd like to hear your feedback. :) add me on draw something. my username is chaos0153. happy drawing guys. :)

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