How to make cilantro last longer

Separate stems from leaves. The stems can be crushed prior to being added to a recipe.

Rinse the leaves in a colander or a salad spinner.

Spin dry or place colander on paper towels to absorb excess water. Use sharp scissors to snip leaves.

Place portion of cilantro that needed into a glass bowl and continue snipping finely.

Place larger snips in a ziplock bag and refrigerate. Note: Cilantro has a very strong smell.

A rotary herb mill is sometimes suggested.

This is the result. A crushed mush.

Some suggest putting the bunch into a glass of water and cover with a plastic baggie. I have found that it works when there are still roots attached to the bunch.

Two weeks later, still fresh and with a milder scent and taste. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

Watch the video: Cilantro Saving Tip. How to keep Coriander Fresh for long in Fridge by Chawlas Kitchen

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