How to make bacon and egg pie

All quantities can be adjusted to suit dish size, and other ingredients added or removed to taste. Sausages and cheese are also a welcome addition to this hearty feed

Roll out your pastry to suit your dish. Sit lower part in dish to rest into shape. Remember to make the lower pastry sheet a bit bigger than the upper to accommodate the sides of dish

Prepare tomatoes, onions and cheese

Chop bacon into pieces and gently heat (optional, but I prefer to precook)

Add onions and pepper to taste. I found spring onion in the fridge so threw it in too

Lay your eggs

Layer on your fillings! bacon, cheese, tomatoes

Last minute addition of mixed vege! Boil and drain first.

Now you can place the top pastry on. Wet your fingers and roll/pinch sides in towards middle and tuck down side

Pierce top gently with fork, then bake at 180deg C for 30-40 min. Keep an eye on it while cooking. If some of your ingredients are moist like the tomatoes and mixed vege, Cook closer to the 40min mark

Now once cooked you can let it cool, or cut it up and eat it hot. Add plenty of tomato sauce (or ketchup). Enjoy! This also freezes really well and is easy to reheat in either the microwave or oven.

Watch the video: Egg u0026 Bacon Pie Recipe

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