How to draw a female manga face (traditional)

Start off with drawing a circle.

Then, draw the chin. Notice it slants inward a bit. And you also want the place where it turns into the jaw round.

Draw a line through the center of the head. Then draw a horizontal line through the center of the CIRCLE.

Then, cut the semi circle on the bottom in half again.

Between the lines are your eyes.

The mouth is in quarter between the bottom of the circle and the bottom of the head. So cut it in half and in half again.

Draw the mouth.

The nose is in between the mouth and the eyes.

The ears start at the top of the eyes, and end in between the nose.

Eyebrows are above the eyes.

Fine tune it and you're done! Erase the guidelines, too.

Thx for reading!

Watch the video: How to Draw Faces for Beginners. Anime Manga Drawing Tutorial

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