How to make amazing potato pancakes

Begin to peel your potatoes once done set aside.

Peel onion and then chop fine.

Like so :)!

Begin to shred your potatoes.

Lots of potatoes!

In a separate bowl add eggs and onions and mix.

Pour your onion egg mixture into your shredded potatoes.

On a side note :P check out the cutie Charlotte! She just came back from the groomers.

Add salt and pepper...

And matzoh :)! This will help the potatoes stick together.

Give it one last stir.

Grab pan and drizzle canola oil in. Heat on medium wait until the oil is nice an hot.

Scoop in your potato mixture.

After about 5-7 minutes flip :) or until golden brown.

And your done! Looks super yummy right?!! You can eat them with ketchup or sour cream they are amazing! And a new way to use potatoes.

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