How to make a quick and healthy breakfast w/egg

Ingredients: butternut squash, frozen spinach, oregano, tomatoes, egg

Cottage cheese

Butter replacement (plant based)

Tools: frying pan (x2), spatula

Chopping board, knifes (one big and one small chopping knife), Julienne peeler, regular peeler, tablespoon

Cut butternut squash in half, take out the seeds

Chop all veg (spiralize the butternut squash with the spiralizer).

Fry the butternut squash for 1 min

Add the frozen spinach

Cook until spinach is done and squash is golden.

Add tomatoes

Add oregano and cottage cheese

Fry egg

Put the spinach, tomato and butternut squash mix on a plate

Put the egg on top and serve! Enjoy 😋💚🍴

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