How to make a kiwi fruit on a glass

Pick a glass

Paint a green tilted ring around the glass

Paint an irregular white shape for the center of the kiwi fruit on the bottom of the glass.

Add a tinted yellow ring around the irregular shape.

Paint tiny black seeds in rows of two or three around white shape. Then paint white lines extending out from the center in between the rows of seeds.

Wait till paint is dry then paint over in green

Add another layer of green until its opaque.

Wait till paint is dry. Paint brown over green and paint past green to create the look of brown skin.

Wait till is dry. Paint another layer of brown on top.

Mix brown and white by dabbing and dabbing on the brown and creating a fuzzy kiwi skin texture.

Dabbing the marbled brown and white on the surface of the brown.

VoilĂ !

Watch the video: Kiwi juice recipe. Haw to make kiwi juice

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