How to make personalised cup holsters

Get some cheap blank cup holsters. You can usually buy the in arts supplies stores

Cut up bits of your comic book/picture, slightly bigger then your holster

You can also use pictures, print outs or anything else that you like!

Paint your holsters and put a layer of contact glue on the top side

Spread some contact glue on the back of the pictures or comics

Wait 10 min. Or until the glue is dry on every piece.

Once both sides are dry, place your comic strip over the holster top, and cut of the excess

Careful!! Once they touch you won't be able to move you comic strip, or unglue them!!

Spread the liquid glass on top of every picture and leave it to dry for 72 hours, and then enjoy!!!

Watch the video: How to put images on Mugs with Cricut. #cricut #tutorial #DIY

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